Weston Gardens, Summer 2019

When we first started the company, we took a lovely friend to Weston Gardens in Fort Worth to model a bouquet for us. The intent was just to get a few good images for social media, but as time went on it became clear it was a perfect branding shoot. We’ve used images from the shoot for our website, business cards, and now our blog. Many thanks to Bridgette for being such a great support and providing the gorgeous wardrobe.

We wanted to showcase a boho style bouquet with lots of textural elements and natural colors. Protea, tillandsia, Sahara roses, raspberry scabiosa, thistle, with eucalyptus, pampas grass, fountain grass, bunny tails, and magnolia leaves. The folks at Weston Gardens were super helpful and the gardens are beautiful. They host small weddings and events, as well as various holiday events. Most of these photos were taken around the camphouse, an old brick structure with a shaded porch and beautiful old windows. My biggest regret is not getting any photos of the large family of cats that live there – maybe next time!