Marreo and Pierre – June 27, 2021

We were so pleased and honored to be able to work with these two. From day one, inclusivity has been at the top of our mission statement, and we were thrilled that Marreo and Pierre were our first LGBTQ couple! They opted for stately, classic elegance with all white flowers and deep glossy greens, lots of roses, lilies and hydrangeas.

Everyone was dressed to the nines, and you could feel the joy everyone shared with this couple.

And has there ever been a cuter photo of the dads??

Our grooms looked dapper as dapper can be. We had a lot of fun creating their pocket square bouts of orchids.

(Moms in hats – yes please)

Lots of lush florals for the reception…

Congrats guys, we will forever be celebrating with you!

Photos by the sweet and wonderful Nadia of ZLuna Photography

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