Vintage Summer Blooms and the Old Ford Truck

All of my life I’ve had a grudge against summer. In Texas, the heat and humidity are a killer, zapping the energy and creativity from the best of us. By mid-July, spring flowers have dried and burned, green grass has turned brown, and I try to stay inside whenever possible. But a few years ago I discovered something: Early summer. That kind of magical time between Mother’s Day and July 4th, when it’s hot, but not unbearably so and the fields and roadways are absolutely bursting with blooms. The nights are warm and soft, there are occasional afternoon thunderstorms, and the busy spring rush starts to slow down to a nice easy pace. I think to myself “this must be what the top half of the country experiences as summer”.

When my friend Bridgette acquired a really cool, really old red pickup truck, the idea for a photoshoot jumped into my mind and I knew this special 6 week (or so) window of summer was the perfect time. I knew the perfect photographer to capture the warm, soft, feminine feeling I had in mind was Lana DelMar, (and honestly she can capture *anything* perfectly, just put a camera in her hand). I knew Kim at Wild Rose Vintage would have the perfect soft, flowy vintage summer dresses. And Kim knew that Emma would be the perfect model and she was surely right. All of these elements came together in the most beautiful way, I could not have been happier with the results. I’ll let the images speak for themselves.

All photos below by Lana DelMar Photo

Wardrobe from Wild Rose Vintage

Truck on Instagram @theold66truck

Gorgeous Emma on Instagram @emacck

Also, a huge shout out to our local floral wholesaler, American Agro. Not only do they bring in amazing flowers from around the world, many of the flowers we used for were locally grown by them as well! And finally, our friend Bridgette (owner of the truck) brought along her brand new little bundle, Theo, for a quick snap.

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