Golden Boho Elopement in the Wichita Mountains

In January Hannah Brii took a little trip to the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma with a girl, a boy, and a dried bouquet. These photos are so beautiful, and we played such a small part, but they definitely deserve to be featured here.

All photography is by

This bouquet featured all the fun stuff: Palm leaves, cotton, strawflower, dried babies breath, ruscus, pampas, bleached fern, nigella pods, and lagarus.

I know the term “magical” gets thrown around a lot (admittedly by me), but I feel these sunset photos can only be described as… magical. Romance novel anyone? The beautiful models were Janea (@janeaelizabeth) and Austin (@austinmichaelus). The gorgeous RISH bridal gown was from a&be Bridal Shop. Hair and makeup was by Brooke (@himeshair). And the dried bouquet was by us!

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