Wearable Flowers

Wearable flowers have really become popular in the last couple of years. Like corsages, they are blooms that can be worn to compliment your dress or color palette, and go beyond the traditional wrist or shoulder. They can take the form of jewelry – like a floral necklace, earrings, or ring – or they can be used as a larger statement such as a shoulder covering, neckline collar, or headpiece. The pioneers of this trend are Susan McCleary and Hitomi Gilliam.



We recently explored this idea and created the pieces below. We took our lovely friend Emily outside on a beautiful late spring evening for some photos.

This shoot was our first experiment with a shoulder piece and we were absolutely thrilled with how it turned out. We’re excited about this trend because adding more flowers to your look is always something we love to embrace!

This would be such a lovely addition to a bridal gown neckline. It would also add a special touch to your engagement photos, bridal portrait, or even a maternity shoot!

These pieces included blush roses, helebores, anemones, spray roses, stock blooms, hyacinth, elaeagnus, huechera, nandina, and blush velvet ribbons. All the dreamy things.

All photos by me, Holly Liedtke

You may think we were in a sunlit meadow in England, but we were in the heart (and heat) of Texas! The next things we’d like to experiment with are floral tattoos. These are very small single blooms attached to a piece of flexible tape, and can be grouped anywhere – the face, neck, arms, hand… anywhere your creativity and imagination takes you. Stay tuned, we’re not done with this idea! Let us know if you’d like to explore it too!


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