Summer at Weston Gardens

Bohemian Bridal Styled Shoot

When we first decided to go into business, we knew the first thing we needed was images! We came up with a plan, made a bouquet, and recruited our lovely friend Bridgette (who came up with her own wardrobe, couldn’t have been more perfect), and went to Weston Gardens in Fort Worth. (Photos by me, Holly, photography has become a very useful hobby of mine!) The flowers we used were Sahara roses, Pink Mink protea, rasberry scabiosa, blue thistle, a large tillandsia, fountaingrass, bunny tails, magnolia leaves and pods (of course) and everybody’s favorite, pampas grass.

What we didn’t realize at the time was that it would become the centerpiece of our branding – we’ve used the images for our website, business cards, social media, you name it! The feel of these photos so much embodies what we’re all about – natural elements, laid back elegance, a spirit of fun and gardeny lushness.

It was a hot but beautiful morning in June of 2019. We focused on the old camphouse on the property, we loved it’s woody rustic-ness. It’s also home to a large family of friendly cats, wish we had snapped a few photos of them! This is such a serene and peaceful garden.

There you have it, this is how it all began! Some flowers and friends in the garden! Many thanks to Bridgette Mitchell for being 100% wonderful and the nice people at Weston Gardens for letting us roam around and take photos!

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